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AVAJAR Anti-aging All-in-1 Set


AVAJAR Anti-aging All-in-1 Set

Rejuvenating Neck Wrinkle Control Mask (5ct)
Rejuvenating Face Wrinkle Control Mask (5ct)
V-Lifting Premium Activity Masks (5ct)
Mela-Control Whitening Eye Patch (1 Box - 15 sets)

Anti-aging and moisturizing filling ALL IN ONE package for dry skin.

Collect and present AVAJAR's popular anti-aging products.



Showy care, regardless of location with everyday masks.

Check 1. Elasticity, Resilience, and Elasticity of Special Fabric

It is a special fabric unique to AVAZAR, and even if you pull it hard, it is restored as before, so it has excellent elasticity and resilience.

Check 2. Absorption of Gel Essence

It is applied in the form of a gel through a stabilized process, helping to absorb the skin with a non-flowing essence.



1. Adjust the mask to the center of your chin.

2. Put a mask on your ear and put it close to your skin.

* You can also wear it with an anti-droplet mask.


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