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AVAJAR Mela-control Whitening Eye Patch 1 Box (10 Sets)


AVAJAR Mela-control Whitening Eye Patch 1 Box (10 Sets)

Double Melanin Care
You have to take care of your roots to get rid of freckles.

Easy sun care for any outdoor activities.

Step 1: Active oxygen blocking
Step 2: Inhibition of melanin production
Step 3: Inhibition of melanin migration

The results prove it!
Check out the visible effects.

Human body application test results
01. Helps improve skin blemishes

Improve the number of freckles - 23%
Improvement of freckles area - 12.6%
Improvement of surface melanin - 30%

02. Helps improve skin surface melanin already developed

Improved skin surface melanin already developed - 30.3%

03. Helps reduce skin temperature (Cooling)

Cooling Effect - 11.3%

04. Adhesion lasting (Activity Sweatproof) effect

The Secret to perfect ultraviolet care is a patented special patch.

Freckles due to mask reflection,
Freckles from exercise,
Freckles from driving,
Freckles after giving birth!

Even on your face without make up,
After make up,
When you sleep

*Patent1: A patch for relieving eye fatigue using a skin temperature-sensitive functional hydrogel and its manufacturing method.

*Patent2: A method of manufacturing a sports mask patch using a hydrogel.


Sunscreen certified fabric
UV is the only patch that can be demonstrated to block the camera!

UV-A 99.8%
UV-B 99.8%

*Patch fabric only
This product is a general cosmetic that uses a UV protection certification fabric and is not a UV protection functional cosmetic.

It is a fabric that can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and can be used outdoors without worrying.

01. After removing the film, attach it to the eyes and cheekbones.

02. Put it on the other side in the same way.

03. You can use it anywhere you want.

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