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Back Pocket Crescendo Welding Pants


Back Pocket Crescendo Welding Pants

This item is made with soft nylon stretch fabric. The back of the waistband is a flexible E-BAND treatment, which makes it comfortable to wear around the waist.

Back Pocket Crescendo Welding Pants main feature is the back pocket left and right V-shape welling technique that allows for hip-up effects.



Model is 6ft and wearing large top/medium bottom.


Size Chart

SIZE Full Length Waist
Thigh  Front Rise Leg Opening
S 42.1 inch 31.4 inch 38.1 inch 24.0 inch
9.2 inch 13.7 inch
M 42.5 inch 33.0 inch 39.7 inch 24.8 inch 9.4 inch 14.1 inch
L 42.9 inch 34.6 inch 41.3 inch 25.5 inch 9.6 inch 14.5 inch
XL 42.9 inch 36.2 inch 42.9 inch 26.3 inch 9.9 inch 14.9 inch



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