Derma Radiance Essence BB | UV block Skincare Blemish Blam



Derma Radiance Essence BB

This is not just a blemish balm but functioning skincare BB!

1. Contains microfine particles, 300 Dalton collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract)

2. Contains human skin-like ingredients amino acids(17 different kinds), peptides, and ceramides known as "skin shield"

3. The light and thin formula is consistent with the tone, giving you natural and bright skin care.

4. Keeping glow on the outside of the skin while providing the long lasting moisture inside the skin.

5. You can check the skin care results that can be seen in skin care products, such as freckles, wrinkles, elasticity, lifting, and soothing by heat and irritation.


How to Use

  • At the last step of skin care, apply an appropriate amount to the back of your hand.
  • Apply gently from the center of the face to the edges.
  • Rather than applying a large amount at once, layering a little at a time will give your skin a prettier look.
  • It is even better if you add a small amount to the area you want to cover and tap it faster.