Medinic Line Rejuve Skin Roller



Medinic Line Rejuve Skin Roller

Lavien Skin Roller should be used together with Lavien Carni-V Ampoule/Rejuve Ampoule.
Roll until Ampoule is entirely absorbed and no prickling sensation from the roller.
1 Box Skin Roller - 1 Handle & 5 Roller Heads.
1 Box Skin Roller Refill - 8 pieces Roller Heads (No Handle)



1. Open the roller and insert it into the handle.
Be careful not to touch the roller with your hands.
(It is a product to roll against the skin and is sterilized.
2. Roll evenly over your entire face.
Roll it horizontally, vertically, and diagonally until the ampoule is entirely absorbed.
3. Apply a sufficient amount of Blue Ampoule or Pink Ampoule over your entire face.
It is better to apply another layer on top.
4. Roll over the entire face before the ampoule is entirely absorbed (when there's some left on the face).