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Medinic Line Miracle Stem Exo Sphingosome Cream
Medinic Line Miracle Stem Exo Sphingosome Cream
Medinic Line Miracle Stem Exo Sphingosome Cream

The perfect combination that you can only see in Lavien!

Brightening and wrinkles improvement.


Patented culture medium - Human-derived skin stem cell culture.

Lavien only! - EXO Particles from peep lactic acid bacteria in their 20s

Patented absorption - The Sphingosome technique.

Lifting Skein Formulation Cream 



The first and only patented culture solution developed by a leading bio company.

Use of human-derived skin stem cell culture fluid.
epidermal stem cell culture

[Patent number(Korea): 10-2178778]


Another ingredient for your skin!
Exo Particle that originated from lactic acid bacteria in their 20s.

Exopharticles derived from skin lactobacillus in the 20s of ultrafine particles are contained with skin stem cell culture.



Application of patented absorption transporter 'sphingosome' method.
It was confirmed by a human body application test.
The sphingosome method absorbs skin faster.



Skein Formulation Cream that pats on the skin.
The unique Skein Formulation Cream, stretches out, pats on the skin, and increases elasticity as you use it.

It's a stretchy Skein Formulation Cream type that's chewy and full of nutrients.



• Lifting up         • Wrinkles, skin care.
• tightening elasticity       • Moisturizing, nourishing.
• powerful skin       • a soft glow of skin that looks firm

1. Press both sides of the container pump to get the contents.
2. Spread the cream thinly on your face.
*Rather than absorbing it, spread it out on your face and apply it once.
3. Pat from bottom to top with your palm or finger to absorb it.
When tapped, the cream stretches like a thread.
4. When the cream doesn't stretch anymore, rub it with the finish.



• an age of concern for aging.
• skin with rapid aging after childbirth.
• Skin that feels the need for care with highly functional cosmetics.
• When you feel that your skin is not elastic even if you're a little tired.
• When you feel that your wrinkles are getting bigger.
• Dull skin tone, freckles, wrinkles, and sagging at the same time.