Sharp Cut Round ZIP-UP

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Sharp Cut Round ZIP-UP

It is a modified high-neck zip-up with a front incision welding collar accent design. The solid jacquard mini vertical wave texture of the torso and the top plain fabric mixing match is designed to give a luxurious look and feel.
While welding point color is sharp and chic, and the gradation aurora welding symbol on the back shines luxuriously.



Model is 6ft and wearing large top/medium bottom.



Polyethylene 92%

Span  8%


Size Chart

SIZE Full Length Chest
Shoulder Width
Sleeve Length
M 26.7 inch 38.5 inch 16.7 inch 8.2 inch
L 27.1 inch 40.5 inch 17.3 inch 8.6 inch
XL 27.5 inch 42.5 inch 17.9 inch 9.0 inch
2XL 27.9 inch 44.4 inch 18.5 inch 9.4 inch