Pack of 2 Men's Functional golf gloves



Size :

Pack of 2 Men's Functional golf gloves

Victory.G golf gloves which the benefits of top-of-the-line material with a soft touch and next-generation fabric that combines the strengths of durable synthetic leather, created as a 'Victory Hyper Skin', it's excellent for golfers provides fit and comfortable hygiene management through water washing together, it ensures excellent economy for repeated use.

You'll get:

1 x Black/Yellow
1 x White/Blue


Size measurement:
Measure the length from the tip of your middle finger to the seam of the first crease on your wrist with your palm open.

22  7~7.25  inches
23 7.25~7.5 inches
24 7.5~7.75 inches
25 7.75~8   inches
26 8~8.25   inches


Material: Synthetic Leather
Made in China