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Perfect V-Lifting Premium Masks (2ct.)


Perfect V-Lifting Premium Masks (2ct.)

Major concerns about the elasticity of the face

•  The elasticity of the face
•  The corners of one's mouth
•  Cheek

Lifting and wrinkle improvement!

A material that protects moisture from dry skin
•  Adenosine: Effective ingredients for wrinkle improvement.
•  Aloe vera leaf juice: Moisturizes dry skin with excellent skin moisturization.
•  It keeps your skin moisturized with moisturizing power.


Premium Mask Check Point

Point 1
The wide double chin area can be freely active with high adhesion.

Point 2
Moist hydrogel type
It is not a sticky tape-type product, but a hydrogel type through a stabilized process.

Point 3
Special fabric with excellent elasticity and resilience.
It has excellent elasticity and resilience, which helps with physical lifting.

How to use
1. Adjust the mask to the center of your chin.
2. Put a mask on your ear and put it close to your skin.

It's even better to wear it while getting ready to go out.

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