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Summer Cover Set by Benecia


Summer Cover-up Set by Benecia (4 Essentials)

Sun Protection Mask

The BENECIA 12 Sun Protection Mask offers dual-purpose coverage, shielding your face and neck from both the sun and air pollution. Tested and proven with a UPF 50+ rating, this comfortable and lightweight mask blocks UV rays and other airborne particles. Wear it confidently, knowing you're well-protected.

Cotton polyester

Size: One size

40D Sun Protection Golf Arm Sleeves

A wrist-type set that comes up to the wrist. Warmer type that reaches the wrist on one side and the back of the hand on the other side
*One glove + wrist type option will be sent.


Washing Method:
dry cleaning
Do not use a dryer


Benecia 12 Knee-Socks - Beige

Add anti-slip function. Knickers cannot be exchanged or returned after opening.

Cotton polyurethane

One size

BENECIA 12 15D Sun Protection Bottom Looped Stockings- Skin color

Our BENECIA 12 15D Sun Protection Bottom Looped Stockings provide maximum comfort while keeping your legs protected from sun exposure. The snug fit allows for no loss of protection, while the material provides a lightweight, breathable feel. Enjoy outdoor activities with confidence knowing that your legs are well taken care of.  Sling bottom type.  Nylon, polyurethane

One size

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