Anapa Microcurrent Health Bracelet (Fluoro Rubber/Black)


Size :


Anapa Microcurrent Health Bracelet with Fluoro Rubber

Easily wear to heal your stiff and tired wrists. It should not just stimulate the muscles, but release them from the inside out.

It emits a micro current of over 100uA without charging.

Stimulating the muscles in the skin to keep the body in an active state, micro-current healing and style at the same time. Made from the premium quality materials, fluoro rubber, stainless steel (allergy-free)


Weight: 11g

*This is not a medical device, it is not recommended to use it for therapeutic purposes.


Size guide: 

Using piece of paper, wrap around your wrist tightly and mark.

Add 2.5cm to the marked point and measure the total length you need.