How To Care For Your Golf Belt A Little More?

The game of Golf has evolved and has roped in fashion too. Golfers tend to get all sophisticated and trendy while being on the field, playing. Apparently, along with style, one accessory that provides support too is Golf belts. A golf belt is the subtle highlight of one’s attire yet, a loud announcer of one’s personality.

These practical pieces of backing need pragmatic care for prolonging their life, considering a good quality one costs a little more than others. 

How To Stretch Your Golf Belts’ Lives A Little More Than Actual?

Wear your size

Primary care starts from the moment you decide to buy one. To keep the belt young, know your size and shop accordingly. Anything extra wouldn’t fit correctly, and that makes all the money and efforts go to waste.

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Use Conditioner

Leather is a kind of material that dries up after a while. In order to keep it moist and fine, apply a conditioner that will help protect the golf belt from drying out. To use, rub a tiny amount in a cloth and smear it all over the belt. Let the belt dry and when done, store it carefully. However, don’t condition it too often as that might end up in saturation.

How to store your golf belt well?

Keep the golf belt in an organized, non-messy place. If there is an issue with the area, roll the belt in a loose set up and keep the buckle in the middle. If there is more than one belt, arrange all in a clean spot and avoid close contact amongst each one. If they are closely stored or at the top of each other, there can be scratches and scrapes on the surface. Also, if there is adequate space, hang the golf belts on the hanging racks.

To keep them clean and neat, dust off the debris and dirt regularly.

Always retain the dryness

Water doesn’t suit the leather material. Hence, whether or not the item is a golf belt, keep the leather away from water. If even it gets wet, dry it as early as you can with a towel or a soft cloth and keep it in an airy space at room temperature to evaporate all the moisture. Do not use artificial methods to dry the golf belt as it might get affected and develop cracks and get hard and brittle.

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Cleanse Regularly

Timely scrutiny is required to preserve the leather material and the attractive additions to your golf belt. Little care once in a while does the needful of keeping the golf belt youthful and anew and maintaining its charm. Clean it with a cloth moist with lukewarm water. But, do not drench the material in the water as it and leather are not compatible.

The above methods are for maintaining a leather belt. However, maintaining a web golf belt is relatively effortless.

How to Maintain a Web Golf Belt?

Web belts are long-lasting and easy to care for. Apparently, they are used as a part of military uniforms; however, they can be used by the regular public and golf players. To clean a web golf belt, you can wash it in a washing machine. To avoid the buckle from being a hurdle, remove it and place the belt alone in the machine. Another alternative is to put the belt in a mesh washing bag and then place the bag in the machine to wash. One good option is to dip the belt in a friendly solution for one day and then scrub and rinse it before putting it to dry.

Also, you can size a web belt on your own, however, with some hard work. Cut off the surplus part with the help of a blade or a box cutter. Always remember to remove the buckle before slicing so that you can attach it to the open-cut end. Then, attach the clasp back for the final product.

An essential piece of remembrance here is to have two web belts, one for regular weather and another longer one for the weather when you’ll wear heavy layers of clothes.

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