Luxury Women’s Golf Clothes: Skorts Buying Guide

Golf is one of the most exciting sports to ever play in the open air. It is also one of the strictest games regarding etiquettes, gameplay, and rules. While the dress code is a sophisticated semi-formal piece of attire, some types and styles fit better being on the course.

For lower attire, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, joggers pave their way in the allowed category; there are various styles underneath as well. Drilling deep in the Skorts section, there are varieties of options to try your hands on. However, always prefer the best ones for your play.

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Skorts are a mix of Skirts and Shorts. They were developed to stay put & comfortable with the weather while performing sports and activities with ease and freedom. While underpants give the security and boost to maximize the movement, sports like Tennis, Squash, Golf, Pickleball, etc., can be completed with excellence when there is no need to divert your thoughts to save your modesty. Best of all, these skorts easily transform into a daily wear to mix and match.

For a complacent game, the best fit is essential. But to assure the best fit, there are specific parameters that guide a perfect fit. They are listed as follows:

The Material

When you are playing a sport, your clothes should absorb all of the sweat and moisture to keep you dry and enable your skin to breathe. A non-adjusting stern cloth might annoy your posture and hamper your ease of playing. For instance, a denim skirt or sticky silk will add to the pressure of winning. On the contrary, a stretchy, flexible, and strong material like the blend of polyester and spandex should be prioritized while buying a Skort for playing Golf. Various positions like bending, swinging, walking, etc., can be posed with ease when you reside in supporting material.

The Length

Another vital aspect of choosing a Skort is its length. A lower’s length may be a big point of concern for most women considering the comfort part. No matter the material, if the size doesn’t appeal to your body, you won’t be able to look good and play well. Made in the range of 14-18 inches, a golf skirt/Skort’s minimum length permitted by the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) is 14 inches.

The Style

Keeping the essentials in the eye, style too fits in the corner of it. You also want to look great when you dress up for your golf play while taking care of the comfort and the appropriateness. A rational design and conduct, therefore, adds to your convenience and motivates you to play.

When you’re out to buy the luxury women’s golf clothes, style and design might appeal to the eyes, but the comfort within takes the cake!

The Pockets

When you’re playing Golf, pockets are something you can’t do without. A Golf Game demands mobility, and you can’t carry the golf bag everywhere you walk. The must-haves of Golf coming in use frequently are the Tees, Ball Markers, and Extra balls. Ensure your Skort has a good room in the pockets to store all the above items. Ideally, deep front pockets (two in the front where both are deep) and a back pocket are appreciated.

There may be times when a tennis skort might appeal but being careful will save you from wasting your money. As plenty of tennis skirts/skorts ain’t equipped with pockets/deep pockets, they won’t serve you the purpose. Instead, stick to the Golf lowers for contentment.

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These Awesome Drooly Wide Wrap Skorts

Drooly Wide Wrap Pants

These skorts fit slim and fall true to the sizing mentioned. However, if one prefers ample space, they should wear one size bigger. The premium piece of bottom composes of cold functions, anti-inflammatory technology that enables a comfort switch in both humid and hot weather. Also, these skorts dry quickly and are UV rays protecting.

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