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ADP Super Peptide Ampoule


ADP Super Peptide Ampoule

Whitening and wrinkle improvement Dual function

Human-derived super peptide ADP component in ampoules. Total care for skin problems that lose elasticity and become thin.

Plenty of all the necessary elements for skin structure!

17 amino acids, 10 peptides, 5 growth factors, elastin, Collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc. All the necessary elements for the structure of the skin in a bottle of ampoules.

What is the human body-derived Super peptide ADP?
Promote collagen proliferation and cell division better than EGF and Stability by S University of Pharmacy research team in professional institutions it was developed for use.

How to Use:
After using morning and evening toner and essence, apply a moderate amount to areas that need skin improvement gently absorb.

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