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BLCA Transparent Hydrogel UV Patch - Transparent
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Transparent Hydrogel UV Patch - Transparent

Product Information:
BLCA Transparent Hydrogel UV Patch - Transparent, the ultimate UV protection solution for outdoor activities. This patch offers strong adhesiveness and blocks 99.9% of UV rays until removed, making it perfect for exercise. With dual functional skincare benefits and ultra-thin fabric, this patented patch is a must-have for blemish-prone areas.

Anti-aging, and UV protection benefits. With natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Ginkgo Biloba, this patch nourishes and refreshes the skin. Its transparent design and hydrogel formula allow for easy and discreet use.

Moist and transparent UV protection patch with strong adhesive force for sports use

How to use
1. Open the pouch, take out the patch, and remove the transparent protective film.
2. Attach it to the desired face area and press it to adhere.
3. Remove the exterior plastic.
4. After using for an adjusted amount of time, remove the patch.

Content Volume: 1Box (5 servings)