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Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mist (1set, 100ml)
Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mist (1set, 100ml)
Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mist (1set, 100ml)

Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mist (1set, 100ml)

Stem cell culture solution contains undiluted solution, which delays skin aging and helps whitening and wrinkle improvement.

When you need whitening and moisturizing, apply stem cell undiluted solution.

Recommended for these skin problems:

~Enlarged pores
~Uneven skin texture
~Red trouble
~Sensitive skin
~Cracked makeup

Add radiance to the skin!


Effects of Stem Cell Cultures

1. Reduction of intracellular melanin production
2. Increased intracellular collagen production


~Skin texture improvement
~Smooth skin
~Blemish removal
~Whitening effect

‘Ultra-fine spraying power’ considering efficacy and adhesion!

Hypoallergenic test completed

This product has been tested and can be used with confidence even for sensitive and dry skin.
[Can be used with confidence even on sensitive skin]


How to use it?

Shake it before use.
Shaking and spraying the mist creates an oil-moisture balance, providing instant whitening and water-glow effects on dry skin.

Please use with 15-20cm carry
Spray from an appropriate distance on your face and use.
Because it is an ampoule mist formulation, it may not be sprayed finely due to the nature of the product.

It can be used without limiting the number of times even in the state of makeup.
It can be used even with makeup on, and even after being hired multiple times, there is no lump or flow of money, and you can always keep your skin moist.


Special Care & Management
Preparations for an important day, a new place for Celt-ara, exciting encounters, and a prepared departure will make you shine even more.

STEP1. Whitening and fast-glow care with Pristine Ampoule Mist Whitening, moisturizing and fast-glow care through steady daily mist care.
STEP2. Maximize moisture for 15-20 minutes for additional nourishment and pore care with the Pristine Ampoule Mask.
STEP3. Wrinkle and intensive care with pristine ampoule

On an important day, apply the Pristine Ampoule to your skin and rub it for home care and intensive care. If the ampoule dries, reapply several times.


Pristine Stem Cell Ampoule Mist Daily Routine White & Regeneration Project Optimized PH Balancing

It's a daily skin regeneration project using the functional mist containing the Human Stem cells with safe raw materials and certified lab formulations.


Trust & Safety
Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mist is a strict and safe product produced by a company certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, CGMP, and international excellent cosmetic manufacturing and quality control standards.

We promise safety!

Pristine Ampoule Mist is not just a mist, but an 'Ampoule' mist!
Check out the effect of enjoying cell culture solution