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[Warehouse Sale] Stone Dream Islet Pocket Euro Skirt


Stone Dream Islet Pocket Euro Skirt

This item is made in Italy with the finest fabric that dries up quickly and protects against UV rays. Due to its high-end material, it has anti-inflammatory, cold functions, and the technology needed to keep you comfortable during hot and humid summer days.

Due to its high-end fashionable and functional sense, it is much suitable to wear when rounding or to complete your outfit of the day.


The model is 5'8" and wearing small top/ small bottom.

Size Chart

SIZE Full Length Waist
XS 14.5 inch 26.7 inch 34.6 inch 36.2 inch
S 14.5 inch 28.3 inch 36.2 inch 37.0 inch
M 15.1 inch 29.9 inch 37.7 inch 38.5 inch
L 15.1 inch 31.4 inch 39.3 inch 40.5 inch
XL 15.7 inch 33.0 inch 40.9 inch 41.7 inch


Hand washes cold separately. Machine wash is not recommended. 

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