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DIBCAS Collection YELLOW Stand bag


DIBCAS Collection YELLOW Stand bag 

Fancy Design
The most outstanding design element of the DIBCAS collection is...
These are colorful tones and luxurious objects symbolically filled with youth.

DIBCAS focuses on a 7.8-inch slimline.
It's a developed collection that Krystal pursues.
It clearly shows convenience and innovation.

The circumference of the DIBCAS collection is characterized by a 7.8-inch ultra-small slimness.

It is designed in consideration of even a small part of the storage space.

The patented support is a 7.8-inch slim body that can support heavy golf clubs.

Product Packages
X Line Cross + Straight Cross
Normal Hood Cover + Transparent Hood Cover

Product Size
Club hole height: 24.5cm
Club hole width: 7.8cm
Height: 87cm
Height (With cover): 123cm
Stand width: 24.5cm
Weight: 6.7 lbs

 **Due to the nature of the material, the transparent cover may have stains even though it is not a defect, and it is not a reason for return.

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