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Euro Shoulder Collar T-Shirt - Torque


Euro Shoulder Collar T-Shirt - Torque

Euro Shoulder Collar T-Shirt, A shoulder-line short-sleeved T-shirt made of high-functional imported Italian material. Excellent tension and shape stability
Simple yet understated SPORTY with dense material and shoulder CONTRAST welding point line color scheme Emotional collar T-shirt. Excellent cooling sensation and comfort when worn.

59% nylon, 41% polyurethane

Size Chart

SIZE Total Length Chest
Shoulder Width
Arm Length
M 27 inch 39 inch 17 inch 8 inch
L 27 inch 41  inch 17 inch 9 inch
XL 28 inch 43 inch 18 inch 9 inch
2XL 28 inch 44 inch 19 inch 9 inch

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