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Gmax Women's Microfiber Knit Hand Warmer
Gmax Women's Microfiber Knit Hand Warmer
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Charcoal Gray
Color Charcoal Gray
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Gmax Women's Microfiber Knit Hand Warmer - Charcoal Gray

The microfiber knit hand warmer cold weather sash is made with high-quality microfiber fabric, artificial fur, and knit fabric, making it a luxurious, warm winter sash with excellent thermal insulation. It is made of microfiber artificial fur, which is softer than natural fur, so it is very comfortable to wear, and you can put your fingers out, so you can comfortably use your smartphone or tablet PC even after wearing it. By raising and folding the wrist, you can create a variety of cute, elegant and feminine styles. Recommended for those who play a lot of mobile games for searching photos and messages on their smartphones.


Material: Microfiber artificial fur, knit fabric, natural leather

Made in Indonesia

Size: Women's Free

Both Hands


Do Not Hand Wash, Do Not Dry-Clean, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do Not Wring, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron