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Gold Bar + Crown Ball Marker + Diamond Ring


Gold Bar + Crown Ball Marker + Diamond Ring

Vertini uses crystals from Swarovski Castle in Austria, Europe with creative and emotional designs. The crystal, which is called the art of light and expresses the pinnacle of beauty, is decorated with a Vertini ball marker and is born as an artistic design expressing delicacy and elegance.



Crown Ball Marker

Make a great gift set

Material: Crystal, Iron, Magnet

Size: W27mm x H23mm 

Crystal: Austria (SWAROVSKI)
The others: Korea

Patent Number
30-2019-0006472 · 20-2019-0000758


Gold bar (and Tee Holder)

This product is made of 24k gold plating on the surface of the metal material, and it is a product made with a strong twisted rope and a golf tee made of bamboo material.


Material: Crystal, Iron, Magnet

Size: W28mm x H90mm 

Assembled in KOREA

Patent Number
30-2020-0024306 · 30-2019-0006472 · 20-2019-0000758

This product is made of crystal manufactured by


Diamond Ring

This product is a product using pure brilliance cut crystals. This is a delicate, lustrous diamond cut. Made by Swarovski in Austria, Europe. The size is 8mm, 2 karat. The surface is made of white gold plating (silver model) or 24k gold (gold model).


Material: CRYSTAL (EXCELLENT CUT), Metal, Silicone, White Gold pt. or 24K Gold pt.

Size: W39mm x D39mm x H35mm

Crystal: Austria · Metal: Korea
Assembled in Korea

Patent Number

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