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O'bili Ice Ruffle Neck - Beige


O'bili Ice Ruffle Neck - Beige

Double-layered loose high neck T-shirt made of high-functional imported Italian material. Made of ultra-lightweight material that feels very refreshing when in contact with the skin. Punching shirring frills and hand-attached square studs in a diagonal incision that crosses from the left and right shoulders to the center of the body look sophisticated, and the sleeves are also punched material, so you can enjoy rounding comfortably even in midsummer. This style combines femininity and chic at the same time.

*Recommended time to wear - late spring, summer, early fall


Size Chart (inch)

Total Length
Chest Measurement
Shoulder Width
Arm Length
XS 22 33
13.9 22
S 22
M 22.4 36.6
15.1 22.4
L 22.4 38.9 15.7 22.4
XL 22.8 41.3 16.5 22.8

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