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Outdoor Protection Brightening Patch
Outdoor Protection Brightening Patch

Outdoor Protection Brightening Patch

Brightening + wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics.

It's not easy to apply sunscreen outside, and I try to cover it with a hat and sunglasses, but I'm always worried about it.

The part that bothers you when you go out!
It's easy to put it on and it's all care!

It is a must-have outdoor beauty item that blocks
UV rays keep the skin cool when going out.

Use UV protection-certified fabric.
UVA and UVB blocking effects are protected from ultraviolet rays using certified fabric.

Moisturizing gel essence with a refreshing feeling.
Sticky gel no!
Adhesive tape NO!

You can also take care of your eyes and cheeks at the same time.
Brightening functional cosmetics can help with brightening.

You can also take care of wrinkles around your eyes at the same time!
It is a wrinkle-improving functional cosmetic that can help with wrinkles around the eyes.

It takes care of your tired skin comfortably.
You can feel comfortable by taking care of your tired skin from outdoor activities.