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Whitening 20 Essence Drop Stick


Whitening 20 Essence Drop Stick

Whitening Wrinkle improvement Dual function
The formula made with patented technology is soft and moist on the skin. Multi-balm that solves dark spot management and moisture problems at once.
50% moisturizing essence included 30% vitamin tree extract, 20 kinds of whitening complex added.

Whitening, Spot care, Moisturizing, Nutrition supply

4 Step Mechanism
1. Elastane and glutathione inhibit tyrosine, the cause of blemishes/ dark spots
2. Tranexamic acid inhibits melanin
Niacinamide that suppresses blemishes expressed in the epidermis of the skin
4. PHA
 that prepares the skin texture and exfoliates the dead skin cells.

Experience a change in your skin with just one use!

Made in Korea
For all skin types
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