Buying Men’s Golf Jackets? See How To Make An Ideal Purchase

Golf is a sport that is neither too athletic nor too laid back. It is the perfect blend of physical comfort and mindful strategy. However, to stay at the maximum of physical ease, your clothing & related accessories should be appropriate to your body and as per the weather.

To help better, we have given some information and suggestions for bettering your purchase for the men’s golf jackets.


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Your jacket should be comfortable. This is rule number 1 for any purchase, not only the golf jacket. Golf requires swing shots and arm lifting. If you can’t act efficiently in your jacket, don’t buy one. The golf jacket you wear should protect you from bad weather and unusual accidents, but it shouldn’t restrict you in the name of protection.

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Ensure your golf jacket has an inside lining, pockets, cuffs, adjustable cuffs, hood, and all other features that you require for a comfortable game.

Apart from all the physical features and ease of use, your golf jacket should protect you from bad experiences.

The golf jacket should be Water Resistant.

Suitable for short rains and showers, these golf jackets are different from waterproof functionality and work as the second line of defense from wet weather. Water-resistant jackets are made of material treated with Teflon, and the material keeps water from entering for a short time and allows air to pass. However, a Water-resistant jacket can’t save you from coming into contact with all the humidity and water if the exposure is prolonged.

But the good part is that a water-resistant golf jacket is lighter in weight and less expensive than a waterproof golf jacket!

Ease of Playing 

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Just like the above point, your jacket shouldn’t get into your way of playing. There are various lock styles in the men’s golf jackets like a full cover zip, pullover, or collar zip. You can wear anything you want, but usually, the full cover zips let your jacket stick out, and it comes in the middle when you crouch for a putt or chip. While playing, if anything hampers your flow, you are bound to get a little irritated.


The primary form of defense is the waterproof men’s golf jacket. This jacket is rain gear and protects you from any watery and wet exposure. Mostly, waterproof golf jackets are made of Gore Tex, the most efficient waterproofing material. The membrane of this fabric is porous and is either laminated to the layer or is located between fabric layers. The membrane openings encourage air and water vapor circulation and exclude liquid water as the membranes are small.

While making a purchase of men’s golf jackets, always look out for a waterproof one if you’re planning to stay out for a longer time. It is advisable to purchase those with a three-year waterproofing guarantee.


A windproof jacket is the best choice while playing in windy and cold conditions. The technical construction produces materials that prohibit the air from circulating in your jacket while, at the same time, windproof jackets are breathable and non-suffocating. Your windproof jacket is also the winter men’s golf jacket if you want to name it different. That is because these jackets don’t protect from wet conditions and are very little water-resistant if treated with Teflon.

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