Golf Tees Are Luxury Golf Accessories. How To Buy One?

Golf is the game of system and strategy. And golfers are always systematic and properly dressed. They have all the necessary equipment needed to play an ideal round of golf. One such piece of equipment is a Golf Tee.

Golf Tees are small in size and occupy less space but are essential for a good golf game. You can hit more perfect shots and avoid the grass that gets in between the clubface and the golf ball. To shop better, we have the buying guide for purchasing an ideal Tee for your golf game.

Diamond Ring-Golf Tee

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    1. The first and foremost deal is to look for a durable composition. If your golf tee is made of wood, it might flip quickly, and if it breaks while hitting a shot, there will be a negative effect on the distance & direction your ball goes. If you have just begun playing golf, use plastic tees that don’t break easily and suffice your training period. Also, if you are looking to hit great distances, a plastic tee is a better option.
    2. On the other hand, if you are looking for balance and sharp aim, opt for a wider top tee and to play on the mat, attach tee claws on your tee for a sturdy grip on the map. However, if you’re playing on a simulator mat, you’ll need a special golf tee.
    3. When you buy a golf tee, one of the luxury golf accessories, ensure that the tee satisfies the regulations, which state that there should be no indicators, should be shorter or equal to 4 inches, and should be firm enough to stand all the movements & direction of the ball.
    4. Always remember that the purpose of using a golf tee is to keep the ball away from the ground, and to fulfill it, choose premium and adaptable tees. Standard golf tees have a certain amount of friction, which decreases the lift and distance upto an extent. Pronged tees are some other options that minimize the contact gap between the tee & the ball to reduce friction.
    5. A 3-pronged tee is the best if you need the least friction. But it does so by compromising balance. Hence, if you are a beginner or play high handicaps, consider the 4 or 5 pronged tees. They will decrease friction and maintain the required balance.


Now you may know how to buy suitable luxury golf accessories, but if you are a beginner, you may not always know how to use them properly. So, to ease up the play, we have listed some essential tips for using the golf tee well.

  • Understand the tee markers.

  • Your golf tees are color-marked, and each color depicts a specific distance. Generally, the shortest distances are measured and marked green, and the longest ones are marked blue. Black & Gold are also used to mark far-off distances, but they are only used in contests and championships. The measurement is of the distance between the tee box and the hole. Tee markers are used to measure the length of how far your ball went when you struck a shot! However, sometimes the colors on a golf tee might be different, so understand the manuals before playing with your luxury golf accessories.

  • You can adjust your golf tee’s height.

  • Your tees are designed with such an architecture that it is possible to adjust the height the way you like. The high, low, and middle, all have benefits and can be used according to what you need. For example, if you want to hit a distant shot, choose to heighten your tee. But you can’t guarantee accuracy in high tee.

    If you want to hit an accurate shot and compromise on the distance, choose to set your tee on a low height. To balance both distance and control, choose to set your tee in the median height.

  • You can use the golf ball teeing device.

  • If you feel irked in bending every now and then to set the tee and the ball on it, you can use a teeing device, also known as a golf tee and ball setter. The teeing device is attached to a long stick and helps you drive the tee in the ground without bending over. The setter is a great aid to those who have back pains, bending issues, and those who are seniors.

  • A golf tee distributor/dispenser will manage your tees better.

  • Tees are tiny in size, and you’ll have many when you go to play. Where do you store them? If you keep them in the golf bag, chances are you might spend more time searching for them instead of playing the golf game. If you store them in a smaller area like your pocket, they might dig in your thigh each time you sit or bend over, which can irritate you. Hence, the golf tee is one of those luxury golf accessories that require extra something for storage. Accordingly, you can use a golf tee dispenser. It is a small container that pins on your golf bag and distributes tees as needed. Using a golf tee dispenser is an excellent way to save time, pricking on your thigh, & play more.

    We hope there is something in store for you. Golf tees are one of those luxury golf accessories that look like a luxury but are, in fact, necessary for the game.

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