Golf Clothes Etiquette and Rules

Golf Clothes Etiquette and Rules

Going to a golf course prepared is an edge, like ALWAYS. If you're a first-timer or an all-time golf lover, you must already know that there are do's and don'ts in everything, golf clothes included. 

It's nice to go out and have a tee time in your favorite clothes where you feel good and beautiful, right? However, most golf courses have a formal dress code to uphold golf traditions while some don't. To save you the stress of overthinking "Can I wear this or not?",  believe me when I tell you that golf clothes should be functional and comfortable, without sacrificing style. Keep on reading below to know what's good and where to find them!

Golf is a fashionista’s activity if you dress according to the game. However, the dress code and the trends are not just limited to the play. Today’s clothes are not made keeping one occasion or a theme in mind. Considering the quality and the cost, they can be worn for more times than one.

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Apparently, there are some Golf wears that you can put on at different places than the field and you would still fit in as a trend-setter/ fashion icon or just a good dresser.

Rules in Golf Clothes

Golf Toppers: Shirt/ Polo T-Shirts

Have you seen a male golfer wear a normal t-shirt while playing golf on the golf course? No? That's because male golfers should wear a polo shirt. And not sports jerseys, tracksuit tops, no big banner or foul language advertisements on back or front, and no denim jackets or sweatshirts. While women golfers can wear polo shirts, sleeved, or sleeveless blouses. Click here for stylish and functional men’s golf tops.

You can wear a Golf shirt/Polo T-shirt in a business meeting or the office as a Business casual if asked for being casual. Yes, some of the golf toppers are so basic that they can be worn at other places than the field and there is absolutely no oddness and awkwardness.

Hoodies and Jackets

Winters demand coverings, layers, and external heat so that you don’t fall sick. And playing golf in the cold weather demands more layering to stay protected and so people wear warm socks, jackets, or hoodies during play. Now these hoodies and jackets are a lot more than just golf. There is nothing fancy and specific about the hoodies you wear at the game and so for that very reason, you and me can wear them at casual dinners, outings, or just to keep yourself warm.

Golf Lowers: Trousers/Pants, Bottoms

Both male and female can wear shorts or pants as long as the bottom fabric kiss the top of your shoes if your wearing pants. But you should avoid denim jeans, tracksuit trousers, drawstring, soccer or running shorts, gym shorts, or cargo shorts. To avoid picking the wrong bottom, click here for men's bottoms and here for those cute and stylish female bottoms.

For lowers, Golf trousers or pants if painted in mild colours, minimal prints, and textures, they can complete the outfit you wear as business casuals.


Golf Shoes

Stylish and comfortable golf shoes are a must to perform your best swing. In picking golf shoes, avoid those with steel spikes, work shoes, flip flops, thongs, or sandals. Check out this list for designer golf shoes that can never go wrong!

Golf shoes are more athletic and very sporty in looks and their feel. And so, definitely you can wear them while going for a good jog or an intense workout session at home or at our convenient facility.

Golf shoe

Jump Suits

Jumpsuits that you wear while playing golf can be worn at sophisticated parties, gatherings and workplaces. The manufacturing of these refined and sober ones allow their entry at every place as they are subtle, minimally attractive, and a lot more fitting and comfy. Below is the example of a jumpsuit that you can wear at a social gathering with your pals and of course, at the Golf course too.


Headwears like a hat, Ball cap, Visor, etc that are popularly worn at golf plays serve more purpose than just  fashion and show. Playing golf is no kid’s play. With too much sun and weather touching your skin, you are bound to take care of your body. And to protect yourself from harsh winds and hot sun, wearing a headgear/ headwear that protects your skin and gives you looks as well is the most advisable thing.

But the use of a Golf headwear doesn’t stay restricted to the play itself. You can use them at various other occasions like while being a spectator at the games or auctions, while running or walking out in the sun.

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Skorts and Skirts 

This section is particularly for women. Women have this privilege to wear a variety of lowers and are not limited to only trousers and 3/4ths. They can wear skorts and skirts too when there is too much heat and the body needs air. Apparently, due to simple and plain clothing, these items can be worn at places like offhand meets, dates, walks, trips to the grocery store, etc. You can wear them at places that are safe and regular-weather friendly.

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