The Unknown: Facts About Golf That You Should Know

Playing a Sport has many benefits apart from giving entertainment and fun. And surprisingly, some sports are so famous yet so deserted, a lot of the backstage happenings ain’t really known.

Golf is one such sport. Golf originated in the 15th Century in Scotland and is one of the oldest sports to play. However, it is not much known apart from the game. Nonetheless, there are some facts that will shock you beyond repair, and we are here to let you know them!

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Facts About Golf That You All Should Know!

Invention of Golf took place in Scotland

Golf was invented in 1457 by the Scottish population. During its initial days, Golf was played publicly. However, the people of Scotland developed Golf Clubs and Courses. And both of the places are popular and relevant today for playing Golf.

They Banned Golf

That is true. Those who invented Golf actually banned it between 1457 and 1744, that too three times! Apparently, as per the belief of the Government, Golfing interfered with the Military Training of the Country.

In the beginning days of the invention, Golf was played in public, mostly on business properties and streets. This was considered as a headache and to cure that, Scotland banned the then rebellious sport.

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Most of the Golfers who play avidly will never have a handicap under 18

There’s a fact hidden under this: If you play handicap under 18, You’re not a bad golfer if you will not be played with by other golfers. That is because not all golfers are looking to build a profession out of it, nor pursue it as a serious passion.

To enter a professional rank anyway, professional golfers play to handicap 6 and handicap 4.

In 1811, The first round of Women’s golf was played

After the initiation of Golf in the 15th century, it took four more for Women to finally enter this sport. The first game of Golf by Women was played in the year 1811. Thereby, the first women’s club was created in the year 1867.

Since then, Golf has started to become a friend to women, with them creating exceptional experiences in history.

Golf has made its way to the Moon!

Our personal source of pride is that our very own natural satellite, the beauty of the universe, our symbol of enlightenment has hosted a play of Golf!

Apparently, Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr, An American Astronaut played a game of golf on the moon. He used a 6-iron to make the gaming possible.

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They were first made of Feathers!

To play Golf, the people of that era made the balls of feathers and covered it with leather. Interestingly, these balls were used until mid-1800s till the new ones made of wood made their way in the market.

Phil Mickelson is indeed an All Rounder!

Phil Alfred Mickelson, the professional Golfer of America, glanced at his father’s swing and left-handedly, learnt to swing. The impressive information here is: He is naturally right-handed.

You can’t create new golf courses in China!

The Chinese Government has prohibited its country and the citizens from building new golf courses. However, nobody can stop an avid mountaineer.

To avoid conflicts and hurdles, people still create new Golf Courses but not mention it as one in the plans that they propose.

The very first 18-hole course was constructed on a Sheep-farm

On the Sheep farm of Downer’s Grove, the first 18-hole course was created in Illinois in 1892. This was America’s 1st 18-hole golf course. Today the course has been cut to a 9-hole course, but it is still in presence after all these years.

An avid Golf lover and a businessman by profession, Charles Blair McDonald started the development of the course with the help of his colleagues.

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