There’s nothing more exciting for a golf lover than a weekend tee time. But while it’s important to have proper golf management, it is also important to have the right skin management. Golf is an outdoor sport that requires the players to spend a lot of time under the bright sun. Even though sunlight has a lot of benefits to the skin, too much exposure can also be harmful to anyone.

Spending a lot of time under the sun unprotected can allow UV rays to penetrate your inner layer of skin. It can cause sunburn, dark spots, premature aging, or worse it can even result in the development of skin cancer. Before you hit the links, make sure that you are well-guarded with the best protection to help you enjoy your favorite sport.

Before Rounding Care

As much as you like taking care of your skin on a daily basis, it is a wise move to take that skincare routine on your next tee time. Starting your golf round without proper skin management would be like going to the battle unarmed. 

Before hitting the grass, it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen with SPF 50+. But sunscreen alone may not be enough. To give your skin an extra layer of protection, we suggest that you tone your face first, then deep moisturize it with essence and cream for the base, before applying a nice coating of sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to tee time.

Perfect Creaming Toner

Volumizing Radiance Essence

Ultra Protection Cream

Active Defense UV Sunscreen


During Rounding Care

We all know that protection is always better than cure. After applying the first layer of protection from ‘Before Rounding Care’, make sure that your skin is well-protected throughout the game by reapplying sunscreen every two hours or as needed. This will replenish the protection that you wiped away when you were wiping your sweat.

Applying a Collagen Ice Gel Pad in between rounds is also a good idea to cool down your skin temperature. It is a concentrated water gel that helps to soothe moisture, and easy to use anytime and anywhere. To top it off, spray an essential shining mist to create a skin barrier protection effect before hitting that remaining 9-hole.

Active Defense UV Sunscreen

Collagen Ice Gel Pad

Essential Shining Mist

Natural Perfect BB Cushion


After Rounding Care

Now that you’ve played and enjoyed the rounding under the bright sun, it’s time to wash away the dirt and oil. First, tone your face to cool down. Then, cleanse your face with a cleansing foam to remove all the accumulated wastes on your skin. Next is time to put on that therapeutic hydrating mask for a wonderful spa moment. And then, finish it off with a nice cooling cream!

All Natural Houttuynia Cordata Care Toner

Perfect Balance Daily Cleansing Foam

Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask

Body Fit Cool Cream


Best Skincare Routine with Lavien and Nevermindall

In addition to nice, comforting, and protective golf clothes, skincare is also as important in tee time. To protect the exposed skin that is not covered in your clothes, proper skin management is significant to have a fun and wonderful tee time. Start your next golf round in full protection with Lavien and Nevermindall to have a happy mind, happy soul, and happy skin!