In playing golf, the right clothes are important. But like golf clothes, proper golf shoes are also essential. Walking around the town with any shoes can be comfortable, but walking on the golf course where you’re dealing with grass, sand, or dirt for hours without the proper shoes can be really bothering. You’re on the golf course to have fun, don’t let your shoes get in the way!



Classic Look Golf Shoes with LAMBDA x NEVERMINDALL

We know how important it is to be comfortable on the golf course to keep you a calm and happy golfer, that’s why we present to you, LAMBDA’s golf shoes!

LAMBDA’s classic look golf shoes are ethnically manufactured with premium quality materials with the latest innovative technology, remaining functional, reliable, comfortable, and fashionable. LAMBDA GOLF hand-makes golf shoes in Portugal ensuring the highest quality locally sources European environment-friendly materials.



Made only with prime European leathers that are softened for superior comfort. In addition to the right fit, LAMBDA aims to provide golfers with a solid stand while allowing the foot to breathe to help you hit it with your very own swing.


Waterproof. Are you a morning person? Then you most probably tried golfing and walking in the wet morning grass. It will be quite uncomfortable walking with wet shoes and it should probably affect your performance. LAMBDA’s golf shoes have a waterproof breathable membrane between the outer leather and the leather lining with a one-year waterproof guarantee to help you play comfortably.


Premium Cork Footbed. With LAMBDA, there’s nature beneath your step. Cork is the bark from the cork oak tree, manually harvested in Portugal, Western Europe, once every 9 years, without damaging the cork oak tree. It is 100% natural material, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Cork is a very light, soft, natural hypoallergenic raw material giving the golf shoes of your dreams!


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The next time you play, step into the golf course with quality and classic golf shoes. Check out our selected items below to take a peek at our highest quality made golf shoes! Visit us at for more.

Classic look golf shoes For Men and Women



1. Tivoli White & Beige

Tivoli White & Beige


2. Livorno



3. Asti


4. Chieli