Nowadays, golf clothes are so cool and beautiful that sometimes we have to wonder how our ancestors wore golf clothes in their time. Golf, our favorite outdoor sport has been around for ages. It was originated in 15th century Scotland at the Old Course in St. Andrew. Ever since then, a lot of people are taking an interest in this outdoor-refreshing sport.

It's no wonder how anyone would love golf- it's refreshing, it will take you outside, good exercise, it helps your career, and sometimes, it can make you friends too!

Golf clothes in the Past

In the past, people are contented in wearing dull, less stylish, and comfortable clothes as long as they can get outside and hit that swing. Back in their time, their only focus was to battle the weather on the golf course. To beat the elements in their place, early golfers had to risk the fashion and choose to wear their vintage protective and less attractive golf clothes.

As time goes by, golf entered the stage of evolution. Women golfers started pushing the boundaries of fashion, aiming to both look sharp and gain a competitive advantage. Later on, they understood that "If you look good, you will feel good, and eventually, you can play good."

Modern Golf Clothes with Nevermindall

With the rose of technology, golf clothes also embraced fashion. People soon integrate comfort with fashion. And eventually beat their former performance.

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