What are the Proper Ways to Keep Golf Clubs Clean?

Golf Clubs is one of those things that cannot be tossed aside after you’ve used them. Aside from the fact that it is quite expensive, it is also very important in playing the one thing that you really love- GOLF!

There are a lot of reasons why people enjoy playing golf. It can reduce stress, and a Sweden study also states that golf players live 5 years longer than the average. Since you love playing golf, you need to learn the ways to keep your golf clubs clean and shiny. 

Why Should I Take Care of my Golf Clubs?

Taking care of your golf clubs is very important. Practicing good maintenance can keep them in excellent condition for years. Ideally, you should clean your golf clubs after every round. This method keeps them looking their best for a long time, and it does make a difference in performance.

Ways on How to Keep your Golf Clubs Clean

1. Store them in the proper place

You cannot just leave your treasured item in your trunk or tossed it anywhere. When you get home after an enjoyable round, give a little amount of time to clean your golf clubs before placing them in the proper place. 

2. Keep it dry

Before you keep your golf clubs away for safekeeping, make sure that it is completely dried off. Leaving them wet or damped will have a tendency that they will be rusted. Keep them dry while placing them in the bag carefully.

3. Bring a golf towel with you

Cleaning golf clubs does not only take place after the round. If you truly love them, bring a towel with you during the round and wipe down the grips and club heads immediately after playing a shot. Aside from the fact that it is the best long-term approach to iron care, it can also help you play better.

4. Inspect the grips and shafts regularly

Cleaning the grips should be one of the basics to keep your clubs last longer, but you should also inspect the grips and shafts regularly for any wear and tear. Carefully look for slickness or worn areas that will eventually crack. In this way, you can get them repaired early. 

5. Proper Iron Care

After you had your fun, prepare a bucket of warm water and then add mild dish soap to clean your golf clubs. Fill the bucket with just enough water to soak the head of your golf clubs. Make sure that you don’t submerge the hosel or use hot water; otherwise, you will damage the ferrule. Soak for about 5-10 minutes and then clean them using a soft nail brush to ensure that all the grooves are clean and free of dirt. 

The Good Golf Player

A good golf player knows how to keep his stuff clean and orderly. If you want to keep playing golf for a long time without buying stuff every now and then, take good care of them properly. There’s no better player than the one who is wise and clean.